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Explore Archives Week 2017

Join us for a fun-filled week of exploring archives in Special Collections here at Brunel University. We’ll be highlighting items from our collection every day here on our blog, Twitter and Instagram. You can also visit us in person at our open afternoon on 20 November.

Many of our pictures feature Bendy Brunel, and you can read more about his other adventures on this blog too.

#ExploreArchives Bendy Brunel strikes out for the aptly named Invention Exhibition to begin our Archives Week adventures.

Students using archives

Here a group of #history #students take time to #explorearchives and discuss the academic use of #primarysources

Bendy exploring

#ExploreArchives Bendy Brunel discovers tunnelling and more at Brunel Special Collections Channel Tunnel Association Archive.

How to use Special Collections

We get a lot of visitors who haven’t visited a special collections library before, so this updated guide is aimed at helping them. If you have any questions please get in touch with us. The guide features Bendy Brunel, whose Day in the Library you can also see on Pinterest.


Bendy Brunel checks the catalogue

You can decide what Special Collections manuscript/archive items you’d like to see by searching our archive catalogue. You can also search for printed books (not manuscript material) on our library catalogue. Further details about individual collections, and detailed finding aids, are available on our collection webpages.

Booking appt

Bendy composes an email to request an appointment

To make an appointment to view the items, or if you need help with searching please get in touch with us by emailing special.collections@brunel.ac.uk Access to Special Collections is by appointment only. You will find further details about access, including opening times, on our Special Collections guide.


Bendy uses one of our lockers

When you arrive at Special Collections you will be asked to leave any bags, coats or umbrellas in a locker or in a locked area. New readers have to fill in a reader registration form on arrival. Before using Special Collections, you must have clean hands. We don’t wear gloves to handle items (you can read guidance from the British Library on why we don’t here). But don’t worry, there are toilet facilities (including an accessible toilet) adjacent to Special Collections.


Bendy washes his hands

3 items

Bendy views three manuscript items.

Once you are ready, Special Collections staff will bring out a maximum of three items at a time for you to look at. They will also show you how to handle the items correctly. Please ask them for help if you are unsure.

Using book

Bendy uses a “snake” weight whilst studying our facsimile of Shakespeare’s First Folio

If you have requested books you will be given some foam wedges to support the book whilst you look at it, and some “snakes” to hold the pages open. Again, Special Collections staff will show you how to use them.


Bendy is invigilated whilst studying a book

Whilst you are looking at Special Collections material a member of staff will be watching. Don’t worry about this, we invigilate all of our users and it is simply to ensure the security of our unique and rare Special Collections, and to make sure we are there to help you, should you need assistance.


Bendy uses his laptop to take notes

There are some restrictions within Special Collections. Pens and Post-It notes aren’t allowed. Laptop computers are fine.


Bendy takes notes with a pencil

Pencils and notepads are also OK. Photography (without flash) is allowed of items for personal study and research, but you will need to fill out a form before taking photographs, and specify what images you are taking.


Bendy makes sure his camera has the flash turned off


Bendy has a well-earned coffee break

Finally, food and drink are not allowed in Special Collections. However, there is a coffee shop on the ground floor of the library should you need to take a break. We hope this has answered most questions about how to use Special Collections, but please get in touch if there is anything else you would like to know.