50 objects 15: Library Then and Now

Brunel University Library: Through the decades

A post by Graduate Trainee Becky Tabrar.

We’ve had a rummage through our Brunel Library archive and found some intriguing photos of the Library through the decades. We decided to recreate the images in the present day for a side by side comparison, and in doing so, realised how the unique brutalist architecture of the building (a form popular between the 1950s and mid 1970s) has characterised and identified the library through its forty two years of operation. The open dome through the centre of the Library has watched over Brunel undergraduates since the Library’s opening, and likewise, our concrete bench on the second floor has been used as a study space by Brunel students for four decades.

Of course, however, the interior of the library has continuously evolved over the four decades, as is evident in the images. The entrance to the Library is no longer on the first floor, and following suit, the Help Desk has also relocated to the ground floor. Though, the most obvious change is the rise of the computer.

The furnishings and layout may have changed, but over the past four decades, the Library’s ethos, of supporting Brunel students to the best of our means, has remained the same.

We hope you enjoy having a look through the photos.




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