50 objects 8: lasts

Following on from the post on Firsts, here are some ways of looking at “lasts” in the Library.

Here are the very last shelves in the main sequence. This is where we have the last part of our collection on bibliography, library science, and information resources, which is classified under Z in the Library of Congress scheme. This collection is a useful resource for students of a range of disciplines including English and Computer Science.

Last shelves in the main collection

Last shelves in the main collection

The last entry in the alphabetical sequence of titles is Zykovs, one of the works which make up Maksim Gor’kii’s The lower depths, and other plays, translated by Alexander Baksky in collaboration with Paul S. Nathan (New Haven; London: Yale University Press, 1959.)

The last personal name listed alphabetically in the catalogue is Richard Zywotkiewicz, who wrote the screenplay for the 1999 film A Twist of Faith, directed by Chris Angel: the Library holds a copy of the 2000 DVD.

For more A-Zs in the Library, why not check out the A-Z of electronic journals and the A-Z of databases?


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